Be present trucker style hat for mindfulness meditation
Be present mindfulness trucker style baseball hat
Be present trucker hat for meditation
Be present trucker hat back
Mindful Things Co.

Be Present Trucker Hat

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Be Present trucker hat

  • Hat Color: Charcoal 
  • Embroidery Color: Orange and white
  • Size: One size fits most


Our lives are full of distractions. From tv to social media, we are constantly being pulled in a million directions. It causes so much stress and anxiety and does so much damage to our overall mental health. Being present is about being fully engaged in the moment, simply existing and appreciating the world in which we live. Being present is a big part of mindfulness meditation and yoga. It enables us to take back time for ourselves. It creates more gratitude and positivity in our lives. When was the last time you took a deep breath and simply appreciated the world around you? 

About our Hats: 

All of our trucker hats and baseball caps are created and designed by us. They fit great, look good, and the messages start conversations. If you’re looking for a great gift idea that can inspire someone you care about, this is it!

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