Let it Go enamel pin inspirational gift ideas for those that love meditation, yoga, and mindfulness
Let it Go enamel pin for self care, anti anxiety and to promote positivity
Let it Go Enamel Pin
Let it Go Enamel Pin
let it go hard enamel pin with brass necklace and blue shirt
Let it Go Enamel Pin
let it go anti anxiety enamel pin on wood table with field notes book
let it go self care enamel pin on green moss
Let it Go Enamel Pin
Let it Go Enamel Pin
Let it Go enamel pin optional locking pin back
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Let it Go Enamel Pin

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Let it Go enamel pin

  • Enamel Pin Color: White hard enamel with gold metal finish
  • Dimensions: 1” inch diameter
  • Includes: 1 enamel lapel pin, rubber clutch, backing card. Optional locking pin back is also available. 


We all have things that we should let go of. Whether that’s an unhealthy relationship, a stressful situation, physical objects, or just overall negativity in our lives — letting go of the things that do not serve us is the first step to taking back our mental health. It’s one of the principles in mindfulness meditation and yoga. When you are able to let go, you free yourself to be more mindful and live in the moment. What are you holding onto?

About Our Pins: 

All of our enamel pins are designed and created by us. They look great on your favorite jacket, backpack, hat, travel bag, or wherever an awesome lapel pin is needed. Our pins also make unique mindfulness or meditation gifts for someone you care about.

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